WSU Recruiting Film: Target OG Austin Hall


Austin Hall is an offensive guard out of Brophy Prep High School in Phoenix, Arizona and will be a big addition to the inside line on whichever team he chooses to take his talents to.

At 6-6, 295-pounds Hall is a big man that would help give the much-needed protection to the Cougars behind the line. Hall is more of a run-blocking guard but also has the abilities to pass-protect. When watching Hall’s film one of the first things I noticed was his ability to run-block. Off the line Hall uses his big frame and power to blow back the defender and put him on his back. He doesn’t only focus on the man across from him, Hall gets on to the next man he sees as soon as possible.

When pass-blocking, Hall’s frame, size, and power again are able to help him out and keep the quarterback safe. I noticed that in his film while all the other offensive lineman were 5-yards back from the line of scrimmage. Hall was right on it not having any issues with his man and when one of the other o-lineman needed help Hall was always able to be there for them

One thing that scared me about Hall was that he didn’t stay low at all times. Being as tall as Hall is I can see why this would be a problem. The only thing with Hall not staying low is that it is not something that effects him in the high school level but at the college level where players are the same size as him it is something that will have a big effect With the coaching at a program like Washington State I believe that is something that can be changed quickly.

For a look at how Washington State stands on the offensive line check out our early offensive line preview. Note: Jake Rodgers transferred this week to Eastern Washington University. Rodgers was a lineman who started all 12 games last season.

Besides Washington State, Hall is interested in Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, and Washington.