All Coug'd Up is proud to welcome Lew Wright and Cougar S..."/> All Coug'd Up is proud to welcome Lew Wright and Cougar S..."/>

“Cougar Sports Blog” Matches Forces With “All Coug’d Up”


All Coug’d Up is proud to welcome Lew Wright and Cougar Sports Blog to the FanSided family!  Lew is a long-time freelance author who has been writing as an editor at CSB along with his son, Lew Jr. and will continue to get the opportunity to do just that while also expanding the name of CSB with the upgrade from his independent blog to FanSided, the fastest-growing sports news site on the web.

Combining forces for Coug Nation has been a top priority and for about a month All Coug’d Up and Cougar Sports Blog have been hard at work figuring out a way to bring our great Cougar news together for you, the faithful Coug. Needless to say, we finally found it!  The exciting addition means that our newest and fastest growing Washington State blog adds yet another great writer (or hopefully set of writers down the road with the addition of Lew Jr.) along with continuing to add a most positive and up-to-date brand of Cougar news on the web that we believe will be difficult to match. Lew has informed us he is dedicated to also adding the under-the-radar Cougar athletic teams to his article output, which means you can now awesomely get some of the more obscure Cougar sports news here, as well as the major sports.

The new Cougar Sports Blog logo (done by FanSided’s awesome art-guy Michael Castillo) is sweet and also shows off a brand new All Coug’d Up logo, which will be part of the re-branding process we’ve been raving about here on the page. To read Lew’s blogs you can click the logo. ACU fans can also look forward to another exciting Coug-conjunction that will add even more validity to what we have going on here, more news coming soon.

Go Cougs!