2014 Washington State Recruiting Breakdown: WR Johnnie Dixon (Offered)


Johnnie Dixon, wide receiver out of William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is a receiver that Washington State head coach Mike Leach is targeting. The 5-11 190 pound receiver who caught 33 passes for 610 yards and 6 touchdowns his junior year is a receiver that is highly recruited and is looking like a player that can do some damage and make waves as a smaller receiver.

Dixon is a guy who is fast, agile, and has good hands. Dixon ran a 4.41 40-yard dash this past year and with another year of coaching I can only see him getting faster. When I was watching his film I noticed that he is able to get a quick start off the line making it easier to get by corners.

When the ball thrown to him while he is in a congested area he is able to go up and get the ball and come down with it securely without having issues. At 5-11 Dixon is not always going to be the tallest player on the field and he uses that to his advantage. He doesn’t let his height, or lack thereof, be a negative on the field. Dixon is able to lower his head and deliver a hit and escape a would-be tackler to gain a few more yards after first contact.

Dixon’s field awareness is another big advantage he has over other players. What comes along with the field vision is him not giving up opportunities to get the ball up the field. If a hole is opened Dixon will hit it hard and gain extra yards without standing back and wasting time looking for another hole.

Another addition to Dixon’s game is his agility, when Dixon is escaping defenders he is always able to make a move and gain a few more yards if not break free for a bigger gain. When going up to catch the ball and is hit in air he is able to land on his feet and still gain yards without losing a step. When a defender comes off the line and tries to jam him he is able to use what he is given in the jam and use it to his advantage.

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Other schools that Dixon is interested in include: Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, Miami, Tennessee and FSU, among others.

Below you will find Dixon’s junior year highlight film.