Washington State Football: Mansel Simmons Football Career Sadly Over Early


Unfortunate and sad news broke just moments ago from Mansel’ Simmons Facebook account:

"Mansel SimmonsUnfortunately because of the recent injuries that I received my football career was forced to retire earlier then I had ever expected. Although I am saddened and extremely disappointed that I will never have the opportunity to play this amazing ever again because of my faith, I do not question Gods plan for me. Thank you to everyone who has ever encouraged, motivated, or believed in me, without you all I surely would never be the man I am today. Thank you all and May God bless you."

I think all Cougar hearts go out for this kid, a 6’4″, 226 lbs sophomore who was just coming on in the early Spring as a surprising “kid to watch” in the receiving corps, before he had a run-in at a party with another guy that left him unconscious and ultimately in the hospital with a skull fracture. Sadly, the altercation has ended his career early.

We wish Mansel well in his endeavors and pray his career as a student at Washington State University finishes flourishing-ly.

All the best M.S.

Go Cougs!