What We Learned About Connor Halliday In The Washington State Spring Game


Nov 17, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Washington State Cougars quarterback Halliday Connor (12) prepares for the snap during the second quarter against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Halliday showed us glimpses of hope, and then glimpses of his old self in yesterdays spring game. He finished the day 38-58-406 yards, 3TD, and 2INT.

It was a windy day, that saw gust up to 38 mph, but that wasn’t the only thing hampering Connor’s throws. Although the line looked the part, looking considerably bigger, the protection just was not there, with Halliday under pressure all afternoon. It took a while for Connor to settle in, but got going with an early touchdown to Isaiah Myers on a good looking slant rout, thrown right to his back shoulder, away from the defender.

All was not sunshine and lollipops for Mr.Halliday though, with two interceptions on the day, he resorted back to his old ways, staring down his receivers, and trying to force passes into tight windows. Old habits die hard apparently, and look for Leach and Co. to hammer home the importance of “smart” football during the summer.

Despite all that was going wrong, the weather, the line’s ability to not protect the QB, and old habits coming to the surface; Halliday did show glimpses of the QB we all know he can be. A laser arm, zipping passes through the strong wind, even taking what the defense gave him, making numerous dump off to the running backs. Halliday did look to be making progress, and that is all we can ask of him this Spring.

His competition, Austin Apodaca, had a good showing as well. Starting off slow, probably trying to figure out how to throw in the wind, and missing numerous passes by a good 10 yards. He settled in well though, finishing the day with 27-45-279 yards, 1TD, and adding one rushing TD. He found a favorite target in Marks, going to him early and often. Most importantly though, Apodaca protected the ball, throwing no interceptions.

No one ran away with the competition yesterday, and the battle looks to continue into Summer, and Fall. How it turns out is still a mystery, Leach holds his cards tight. All I know is, the quarterback’s aren’t the only ones who need work this summer, the line better shape up too, giving up 11 sacks on the day.

So Coug fans, who are you rooting for to win the job?