Travis Long and the NFL: Carolina Panthers


Travis Long Profile

Carolina Panthers

Stacked Against the Pick:

Nov 20, 2011; Detroit, MI, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

Five picks and absolutely no need for a linebacker are stacked against Travis Long here in Carolina. You’d be hard pressed to find a less conducive situation around the NFL for a draft pick on him. The Panthers’ needs on defense are at defensive tackle and in the secondary.

The linebacking group is also a veteran group, full of average to above average athletes who are pretty smart players. If Carolina were to go this direction in the draft, it would be early and it would be an elite talent at the LB position. Also if they went that way, Carolina fans would have to be pretty upset.

The Perfect Storm:

There’s no storm on the East Coast that could land Travis Long in Carolina via the draft because of the glaring needs elsewhere. But if Long slipped through the cracks and ended up being an undrafted free agent, he could add depth to a group that’s not super deep at either linebacker or defensive end. Nor is the group immensely talented, so depth and possible eventual salary cap relief could be something to look at if he were to have a strong Fall camp and preseason.

Likelihood of Getting Drafted by Panthers: