Mike Leach Says “No Accounting Firms” in This Year’s Washington State Spring Game


Last season the Washington State Cougars played a very interesting and confusing setup in the Spring Game in Spokane. The defense was given a 28-0 lead and asked to protect it, with the ability to score points for sacks, turnovers, negative plays, etc. Meanwhile the offense had an entire game to try and make up the 28 point hole. This year, Mike Leach promises will be different.

"Last year, somehow it was put out, which I don’t know the details… some scoring system which it would require an accounting firm to try and figure out what exactly the score was. Which, I ignored that. Then we put 28 points on the board. Defense had 28 points ‘can you protect the lead’? And then with the infusion of some other scoring there were all sorts of numbers on that board last year, but internally it was 28 points can you protect it or can you not? So different this year and no accounting firms required this year either."

If there’s one thing Leach is good for, it’s a good chuckle. This year he has the depth to go with a straight up scrimmage where the whites will try and beat the crimsons, with the first and second team players being split evenly between the two teams.

Apparently, practice 13 was light-hearted, save for a few parting shots from each team, talking trash about Saturday’s game. Other than that though, it was just your average practice. We did learn the starting groups for each team via CF.c (if you have an acct) but we’ll wait till first thing Saturday morning to reveal them here so if you don’t have an account there come back here for those lineups. WSU will have one practice remaining after the Spring game I believe Monday or Tuesday for some after film cleanup, then it’s off to Summer workouts and preparation for Fall camp.

Go Cougs!