2014 Washington State Recruiting Breakdown: Wide Receiver Zaire Andre (Offered)


A 2014 receiver that Washington State head coach Mike Leach offered on Monday is Zaine Andre from Inglewood high school in Inglewood, California. Andre is a 6-1 175 pound receiver who has the skills and the abilities to make waves in the college level early on in his career.

Andre received two offers on Monday from Washington State as well as Nebraska and it is obvious why they are going after him. When watching his film I saw a lot of things going good for him. Andre has the ability to go up and make a catch even as a smaller receiver on the field. At 6-1 he wouldn’t be the tallest receiver on the Cougars but he has the ability to go up and make the catch and come down with the ball and compete at the same level that a 6-4 receiver would.

Off the line of scrimmage I noticed that Andre was able to cause seperation and ultimately beat the corner down field leaving him open and alone quite often. When he has the ball he has a great vision of the field. He is able to see where he needs to go and where the blocks are going resulting in first downs. His speed is another addition to what he already has, after the catch with nobody around he is able to kick it into another gear and win if it were to come down to a foot race.

In his film Andre has a lot of clips of him returning punts and kicks which would be a great addition at Washington State. When returning kicks he is able to hit the gaps hard and gain some great yards. He is able to see the holes when the open and fit in them no matter the size. When hitting the hole he keeps his head down and gains yards without sitting back and trying to dance with the defenders. Andre knows that football is a game of North and South running and he doesn’t spend his time going East and West.

Andre is not the type of player who is able to get a lot of yards when he catches the ball with a defender near him which kind of scares me. I noticed that when he would catch the ball and get contacted within five yards of the catch he struggled to get free, but when he did he was able to turn the play into a lot more than expected. When Andre would go up to catch the ball he was able to grab it and secure the ball at its highest point above the defender which shows his good hands.

With Washington State being 17 receivers deep in the position I don’t see a freshman coming in and getting very much (if any) playing time right away, especially with the receivers that are on the team now. They are all young and still have multiple years left to play. I see Andre red-shirting his first year and learning Mike Leach’s system while letting the receiving group thin out a little bit, (if he eventually commits to WSU).

Andre is a player that, with a little work in a few areas can become one of the top receivers on the team. With the ability to return punts and kicks as well as be a receiver Andre would be a huge addition to WSU.

In addition to Washington State Andre has offers from: Nebraska, Houston, and San Jose State.

Below you will find Andre’s junior film.