Cougars A.M. Links: Washington State News 4/16


Morning Cougs! Been noticing over the last couple of weeks that some other Cougar sites, while they do links of their own, do not include their “competitors” in the links section. You may have noticed that we don’t really care who the article came from because we don’t see other Coug sites as “competitors” but rather part of the overall team that keeps the Coug faithful informed. Just thought that was interesting as there seems to be a lot of competing going on and I it’s kinda funny because we’re all just trying and add to your experience as a fan. Anyways, just seems silly. There are only a couple of Cougars AM Links today, even with that in mind.


Most Important Game: Washington State – Pac-12 Blog

"Obviously, neither Kevin nor I believe the Cougars are in the North Division hunt. In fact, a bowl game seems like a long shot, at least based on the schedule. You look at that slate and you can easily predict a 2-3 start. You then see games the Cougars could win and some that seem are likely defeats. Do any of those games seem appreciably meaningful? Would upsetting Oregon be so satisfying that it was worth losing to California and Utah?"

Robbie Tobeck Has Questions for Drew Bledsoe – CF.c

Air Raid PB: The Wheel – CougCenter

"Like other Air Raid pass concepts, wheel routes not only exploit man coverage, but are also useful against the zone. A wheel route is ran by the inside receiver. He takes a few steps outside toward the flat, then cuts upfield on the outside of the wide receiver."