Calling All WSU Cougars: Golden State With Klay Thompson or Seattle Sonics With Current Roster?


Mar 20, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard (2) has his shot blocked by Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) during the first half at the AT

Washington State alum Klay Thompson has been lighting it up all season long and we’ll cover his playoff run here at ACU, because the people wanna know! This is our chance to become NBA basketball fans again before the Sonics come roaring back into Seattle and once again we become Warrior haters. Right?

Well now hold on just a moment, this is something that just in a flash crossed my mind and blew the fuse right out. I mean cheering for the new-look Sonics with everything one can muster might be really tough to do if you’re from the East side of Washington (or maybe it’s just me[?]) at this time.

If Klay ever left the Warriors it would be downright simple, but as long as he’s there it’s going to be tough to turn my full allegiance to the Green and Gold. This is an in-conference rivalry we’re talking about! It’s especially going to be tough after I become an even bigger Warriors fan over the next couple of weeks as I cheer for Klay to rep Wazzu proud.

So I mean, yeah it’ll be easy to cheer for our boy down in the Bay and our Sonics at the same time, but what about when they play each other? There’s not a single player on the Kings’ roster that I like right now and to make it worse they have ex-Washington alum Isaiah Thomas on the team!

I mean I’m in agony. This isn’t your normal hometown squeeze here. Think about this; Your old crush use to live in Seattle but then got caught cheating on you (yeah, you watched that happen)! Then she never apologized, moved away and started killing it in Oklahoma City, you still love the memory but kinda hate her for the way it went down. Regardless, she’s gone.

Your heart breaks.

Meanwhile this new girl comes in and sweeps you off your feet for a few years (your college sweetheart oh by the way) but she leaves early cause she got a job in the League and moves to Oakland.

**Let’s switch it back to first person for just a second, because I want it to be known that I hate Oakland, I’ve always hated Oakland and I’ve always hated that Golden State (which is such a dope name for a pro basketball team) is associated with the most nastiest sports town in the West. But I digress…

At any rate this college smash, your new girl, got a sweet gig there and now she’s killing it. You still love this girl and she’s totally still available in this long distance relationship so you let yourself continue the dream that one day you’ll just be with her forever (somewhere that’s not that nasty-ash-city)!

Ok, but now the old girl has somehow migrated to Sacramento, changed her look completely and wants to come back… She’s coming back to you and she’s going to be smoking hot. Every guy (and girl for that matter) around you is going to want her and she wants you back. Dude, what do you do?

I hope you saw what I did there. But enough analogies, let’s get down to the raw basics of the matter. What really hurts is that the team coming back isn’t quite the team that left. It’s just a bunch of journeyman-level players that somehow got banded together under ridiculously unstable management in Sacramento. I mean, a big thank you to the Super Maloof bros. because you set the stage for this, but really, what were you doing? And that Isaiah Thomas thing, while easy for you Huskies to cling to, can not be as easily accepted from me after what he did to Wazzu in his brilliant college career. I’m still a little bitter about how good he made that team. But again, I’m off track…

I guess the good news is the new-look Sonics will once again have some sort of lottery pick and depending on that I might be ok as we rebuild the relationship (I still hate that we had Kevin Durant in town and lost him). And there’s no way this team looks anything like the current roster next year, we can all bank on that. Eventually it won’t matter because Pro-Seattle and I will always work like Sonics Green and Gold, but right now I’m partial to that long distance relationship from college. I guess what I’m really just trying to say is:

Can Klay just get traded to Seattle please?

What do all my Cougs think?

Go Cougs!