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WSU Spring Football 2013 Surprise Performers: Rahmel Dockery


Hickory and Dickory don’t got nothin’ on Rahmel Dockery!

Just kidding, but to stay with the theme, this mouse is seriously running up the proverbial clock tower that is the Washington State cornerback depth chart in a scurry-of-a-hurry. He’s made several plays this Spring, including back to back practices with 5 interceptions in the past 3 practices and a pass breakup or two and continues to get more work with the 1’s as his confidence rises.

The local product from Tacoma is now 5’11” 171 lbs as a redshirt freshman. Dockery was a lost puppy after being torn from the offensive side of the ball and being placed in the defensive backfield early last season. The move proved to be a spirit breaker for the young man and he almost quit the football team, but after a talk with Mike Leach and his family he decided to make the best of whatever it was that he was about to be given. Boy was that a good idea! 

He’s been so steady of a performer that the four veterans alongside him are in serious jeopardy of becoming watchers this Fall when the football season commences in Auburn. Ultimately I don’t see Anthony Carpenter losing his starting spot somewhere, but if Daquawn Brown shows out in the Fall it will be tough to keep the freshman tandem of himself and this Dockery kid off the field. Mike Leach summed up Dockery to this point in camp after his week 7 showing:

"The light’s kind of gone on. Dockery’s a guy who will be doing well and then break out the blank look on you. We’re not getting too much of that blank look anymore”"

You said it coach! In fact it’s possible that this team would be lacking a truly explosive athlete at a position they cannot afford to be lacking one, had he decided to transfer out last season. At this point Dockery will be a starter going into the Spring game and if he performs even kind of well he should be a favorite to start at weak side corner going into the Fall. You think this Leach guy is a good talent evaluator?

Go Cougs!