Martin Stadium Update for The Cougar Football Project: Lots, Lots, And Lots Of Dirt


It’s been quite awhile since we’ve given you an update on what’s happening at Martin Stadium with the Cougar Football Project. There is quite a lot of dirt that is being removed from where the scoreboard once was, which is obviously taking a lot of time but it’s sure exciting to see all this stuff on the web-cam as to before not a lot was happening on the web-cam.

If anyone is wondering how much dirt has been removed from the Football Operations Building Construction Site? Well,  here you go ! It is approximately 18,000 cubic yards and each truck haul carries about 10 cubic yards.

This picture is provided to us by The Cougar Football Project’s FaceBook Page:

This definitely nice to see because once this is all complete we will finally have the necessary facilities to recruit some of the better athletes in the country. Leach has done a tremendous job so far with the lack of facilities he’s pulled in some fairly solid players, for an example; Tyler Bruggman and Gabe Marks are just a couple of them.

Here is another picture but from the web-cam and this is what was happening at 6:11 Pm last night and be sure to check it out daily as there is a lot of stuff happening!

We will be sure to keep you updated weekly on what is happening with The Cougar Football Project!

Comment on what your opinion is off what has happened with this project so far