NCAA 14: Infinity Engine, Some Gameplay Improvements and Videos


The first real improvements to NCAA 14 have been released by EA Sports and my favorite franchise on a game console is going to be better than ever this season. There are some major improvements heading down the chute and we have a nice portion of releases to start pumping you up for July 9th, which is the release date for the game.

First here are the releases that came out yesterday and then more notes from us before the first look sizzle trailer and an interview with game designer Ben Haumiller in the “Up at Noon with Greg Miller” show:

‘NCAA Football 14’: A first-look preview

Polygon – NCAA Football 14 preview, gameplay

Official NCAA Football 14 Press Release & Playbook Schedule

NCAA 14 Debuts The Next Iteration Of The Infinity Engine


  • Upgrading the option: 31 different concepts in the option game, which include all the different veer options, shotgun full triple options, shovel options, the Pistol. New mechanic for option pass plays.
  • New spread option playbook that includes more than 20 New offensive formations and 350+ plays that feature the option game.
  • Real time physics with the New Infinity Engine and New Impact Force Engine. Locomotion improvement to improve cutting and momentum.
  • Revamped “open field targeting” for blockers.
  • Additional focus to the runner, with new animations and dynamics while running the football, including an enhanced trucking and stiff arm system. Also including ball carrier avoidance so that RB’s will feel their way through and around their own linemen to avoid unnecessary contact and fall down.
  • Speed burst system to replace Sprint button as the runner can now burst through a hole and reach top end speed more quickly. The speed is not influenced by the sprint button anymore. Also, runners have accumulative fatigue meter and a stumble recovery system that allows you to either try and stay up after stumbling or fall forward for extra yards.


I must say I am pretty pleased about all this new stuff. It’s all going to be a balance though, to see what they did with defense in gameplay, hopefully over the next few days we’ll get that info. I’m most happy about the blocking improvements to the game, as lame as that sounds, because that’s the part that frustrates me the most about ’13. There are some pretty mean stiff arms and it should be fun to be a running back. As we get more short vids I’ll analyze a little bit more, but for now, here’s a couple videos for your enjoyment.