2014 Washington State Recruiting Breakdown: RB Calvin Green (Offered)


A running back that Leach and company are targeting is Calvin Green from Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California. The 5’10” 175 pound back has become one of my favorite backs in the 2014 class. Green has the speed and the agility to make some waves as an underrated back in this class.

When the field is getting congested Green knows that the best thing for him to do is to keep his feet moving and continue to get up the field without sitting back and trying to juke a player out of his shoes. Green is a player with great sense of awareness and field vision when it comes to finding holes and gaps in the defense which will only help him out when the game is the speed that a college game will be at. When the hole is closing or is getting small he keeps his head low gets small and keeps powering his feet to turn nothing into something and when he breaks through the gap there is no catching him. All you are going to see is the number on his back and you are going to feel it when he runs over or through you. Because of the great speed that Green shows he can easily get to the corner and break a run for 20+ yards with consistency.

An addition to Green’s speed is his ability to catch the ball. He isn’t scared to go over the middle and deliver or take a hit to make the catch. If our quarterback can hit Green in stride down the field it is going to be all over for the defense. They are going to have a hard enough time planning for his running game and then he will turn around and make a catch out of the backfield. Another addition to Green is his ability to block. At 175 pounds Green can be the running back that can block for our quarterback and give him that extra second or two to find the open receiver and make the pass.

Green is someone who would fit great within our offense and is a player that defenses will have to take note and watch for. With the year he still has in high school I believe he can only improve and become an even better player. Overall I think Green is going to be a great player in college and even better if he were to wear the crimson and gray.

To go along with the offer that Green received from WSU he has received offers from Arizona State and Wyoming with California being interested in him as well.

Below you will find the YouTube link to Green’s 2012 highlight video.