Bay Area Cougs Report: Junior Longrus of Oakland, California


Last year #15, Mr. Junior Longrus of Oakland, California made his debut as a Coug and we got to see a little preview of what he has to bring to the team.  With the basketball team having such a, well I’ll say it, BAD season, we have to look forward and see where the program is headed. Yes we still have to do so with Ken Bone as the coach (not saying that’s a bad thing it’s just a fact).  Junior Longrus is an interesting part of our future at Washington State.

In the 2012-2013 season, Junior played 327 Mins, posted 65 rebounds and had 20 blocks he also shot 41.2% from the field.  The less astonishing statistic for Longrus was his production at the line.  Junior shot 34 free throws this season and only made 14 putting him at an incredibly underwhelming 21.4%.  Overall he had good production and was a pleasant little addition coming off the bench.

In the near future, I see Junior growing to be a glue-like player, you know that piece that holds the team together.  Obviously his biggest improvement will need to be his free throws because he’s already doing what it takes to get to the line, we just need him to impact the scoreboard a little more by making a few more here and there.  He needs to have steady improvement in this system because in the games we won, we got a decent performance out of him.  His numbers aren’t star-powered or even stater-stats but his production and ability to keep things moving from the bench will play a huge role in things getting rolling again at WSU.

My overall assessment of this Bay Area Coug?  Well let’s just say I’m glad we have him and I do believe he is a huge part of the team…  Good size and the ability to get to the line are important for this Cougar team going forward.  Never forget the players that come off the bench that can keep things from falling apart are very valuable in college basketball, not everyone has to be a star to be important.