Cougars A.M. Links: Washington State News 3/30


Not much in the way of Coug-news yesterday, although a few interesting stories surfaced. The most intriguing to me is of course Danny Lawhorn headed to the Beasley hardwood, which I touched on a couple hours ago, but if you want a little more info on him, CougFan has a little bit and there are a couple other items to read as you wake this morning, including a historic day at Bailey-Brayton field – Go Cougs!


Bone wastes little time in picking up PG – CougFan

"Bone had said earlier in the week that he was looking for a guard with a point guard mindset, and that true point guards are in short supply in the regular signing period coming up in April. But Bone may have found one if assists per game are any indication."


Coug LB no longer with the team – CougFan


Olerud’s Number to be Retired Saturday – CougFan

"“The most unbelievable season – by far – I’ve ever heard about,” said Steve Hertz who lengthy college coaching career included the 1988 season at Gonzaga.No wonder Baseball America named Olerud the college player of the year"

Cougars Retiring Olerud’s No. 18 On Saturday – Kitsap Sun

"Twenty-five years ago, as a lanky sophomore at Washington State, Olerud duplicated the hitting and pitching heroics that Ruth accomplished early in his major league career before he became a full-time outfielder."