WSU Basketball Recruiting: 2013 Commit Tanner Lancona Is Hybrid Big Man (Highlights)


It’s been a while since Washington State had a really true enforcer in the middle. They’ve had everything in between, but Aron Baynes back in 2008 was really the last “big man” to roam the paint. That may be about to change, with Tanner Lancona, a 6’8″ or 6’9″ player from out of Florence, CA. He’s listed at 6’8″ but looks a little taller in his newest highlight film (below) as he’s still growing.

Lancona reminds me of a smaller version of Baynes, bulldozing his way around the paint and finishing with strong two-hand dunks regularly. But he also has good range, like Brock Motum displayed over the past couple years for the Cougs. He doesn’t have the creative moves or touch of Motum in the mid-range and low block yet, nor does he have the brute strength that big Aron Baynes displayed. However Tanner can put it on the floor and is pretty explosive towards the goal. A big man like him that can shoot it from outside is obviously a tough match-up for defenses. And get this, he’s left handed as well, just like Motum is. Take a look for yourself.