Washington State Football 2012 Evals: C Matt Goetz


Oct 29, 2011; Eugene, OR, USA; Washington State Cougars center Matt Goetz (64) lines up against the Oregon Ducks during the first quarter at Autzen Stadium. Mandatory credit: Jim Z. Rider-USA TODAY Sports.

Stats: N/A

What he accomplished in 2012: Nothing really compared to the rest of the other lineman. This offensive line is a glaring issue and nobody had a good season for WSU on the line. Goetz is another person who is hard to give an opinion on how they did due to there is no stats for lineman and plus the fact that they were awful.

As a unit and a whole, they played extremely poorly. Nobody on the offensive line should be confident that they will be back starting because changes will be made if they don’t improve at all. It’ll be up in the air on whether or not he’ll start next season.

What I expect in 2013: What do I expect in 2013? It’s hard to gage on how he’ll do because just like everyone else on the offensive line, I’m not too sure of what to think about his senior season. I don’t believe he will be starting on the offensive line next season, but how he performs in Spring ball and Fall camp will make a big impact on whether or not that happens at all. Just like all the other lineman, they’ll all be fighting and competing for their jobs because of how poorly they played as unit last season.