All Cougd Up Tourney Challenge


Mar 16, 2012; Greensboro, NC, USA; NCAA logo shot during the second round of the 2012 NCAA men

With the disappointing end to the  season the Cougs just endured; maybe you are looking for some postseason fun, and here at All Coug’d Up we will provide you that fun.

Every sports fan in America is filling out as many brackets they can this time of year, and we here at ACU decided to add to the madness, and are announcing the first annual ALL COUG’D UP TOURNEY CHALLENGE (the name needs work, I know).


Step 1: Go here: SI Tourney Challenge 

Step 2: Sign in, or create an account (it takes two minutes)

Step 3: Go to the “Groups Tab”

Step 4: Click “Join A Private Group”

Step 5: Group Name: AllCougdUp, Password: GoCougs

Step 6: Make Your Picks! (on March 17th)

Stay tuned here at All Cougd Up, for updates on the grand prize, updates on how the NCAA Tourney is going, and who is on our Challenge leader board.

Until then…..GO COUGS!