Washington State Win Over UCLA: By the Numbers



The last time the Cougars beat UCLA in Pullman.


Yes, it’s been 19 games! The only reason that number isn’t very impressive in this series is because the Bruins have a 54-2 home record. All kidding aside, it is super impressive, against anybody. Especially after you consider that there have been much better Cougar teams going up against much worse Bruin teams over that time span. Other notable 19’s on the night included the number of free throws WSU shot, number of points for Royce Woolridge and the amount of shots taken by Shabazz Muhammad. Unfortunately for Bruin fans, he only made 4.


This WSU squad beat the #23 team in the land, also the Pac-12 co-leaders going into the final weekend, with just six scholarship players entering the game. The other player was walk-on Bryce Leavitt. With that, Brock Motum and Woolridge played the full 40 minutes of basketball. Dexter Kernich-Drew got very close, playing 39.


It was a night of lucky 20’s for Washington State offensively. 20 pts for Motum, 21 offensive rebounds (which was just 2 less than UCLA’s overall rebound mark of 23) and 21 was the biggest lead for WSU at 25-4.


The amount of three point shots UCLA threw up. Think about that for a moment. The amount of 3 point shots by UCLA was six more than the amount of total rebounds by the team. They only connected on 8 of those, which was one of the keys to their failure. I’m almost positive it’s the first time this season anyone has out shot the Cougs from the arc and lost, as the Cougars only shot it up 12 times, hitting 3.


And finally, the amount of Cougs in double figures. Motum (20), Woolridge (19), Shelton (13) and DKD (11). Since it’s generally a struggle just to find any third Coug to make a double digit effort, this number is as large as any of the others.