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WSU Freshman Experience: 2nd Semester


It’s about halfway through the 2nd semester of my freshman year, and each day keeps getting better for me as a student here at Washington State University. There have been some big changes that I have made this semester with making the decision to take my talents and sign with a fraternity lol.On February 11th, I decided to join the chapter of Phi Kappa Tau and I am currently in the process of pledging. People have their different views on what pledging is, but for this chapter, this is a seven week process that involves learning about the history of the chapter and Greek community here at WSU. Also it requires cleaning up and doing chores around the house for the upperclassmen. Since I decided to sign with the fraternity this semester, I am a part of the 2012 pledge class for Phi Kappa Tau, but still have to go through the whole process. The guys that signed in the fall of 2012 have already gone through the process of learning about the fraternity and are currently initiated.

This has been one of the best decisions of my life because I have made instant friendships and have learned a lot about what going “Greek” is all about. Not only will I have fun with social events, but having connections through my major and having some guidelines will help me succeed here at WSU. Being required to go to study tables and having my grades monitored will help me stay on track with my grades. I’ve only been with the fraternity for a couple weeks and am excited to see what it brings for the next 4 years of my life.

Feb. 16, 2013; Pullman, WA, USA; A couple of Washington State Cougars students cheer against Oregon Ducks during the first half at the Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Besides being in the fraternity I still currently live in Stimson Hall and have had a great experience there so far with the people that I have met. Stimson Hall continues to do a great job with putting on events with the all girls hall of Regents and brotherhood events. I do not plan on living in Stimson next year because I will be living in the fraternity, but if it wasn’t for Stimson Hall I wouldn’t have had the exciting freshman year that I have had so far. I also wouldn’t have met the people that have turned out to be some of my closet friends. I still have a couple months of living in this dorm, so I will definitely enjoy it and have good time.

With school work, I am only taking 14 credits this semester spanning five classes. Three of the classes are 3 credit classes which are English 101, Sociology 101 and Com 105. The other 5 credits are made up of a 4 credit Spanish class and a 1 credit Spanish speaking class. The workload this semester is lighter, but is challenging. Spanish 204 is probably the hardest class I have taken yet here at WSU, but it’s a good challenge for me and obviously will help me with minoring in Spanish. A class I am very interested in is Sociology because I have never taken a Sociology class before and it’s interesting to me learning about the way our society runs.

Finally Cougar athletics continue to be the best part about going to this college. Even though the Cougars have had their rough share of basketball games this year, I still enjoy watching Pac-12 basketball. Being able to see future NBA players like Brandon Ashley and E.J. Singler is exciting to see.

Plus being in the student section is always entertaining. This upcoming week with UCLA coming to Beasley, who knows if the Cougars have a chance, it seems like they play to the level of their opponents. I am excited to see future NBA lottery pick Shabazz Muhammad play on Wednesday. Once Cougar basketball is over, there will not be a lot of sporting events happening on campus except baseball. I plan on going to multiple baseball games this year because of how dominant of a conference the Pac-12 is.

Look for a Freshman Experience at the end of the year towards the end of April that will round out the rest of my 2nd semester here at Washington State University.

Go Cougs!

–Evan Baron (Follow Me On Twitter: @BaselineBaron09)