Not long after writing my article defending Marquess, I found out that he may have tossed..."/> Not long after writing my article defending Marquess, I found out that he may have tossed..."/>

FanSpeak Recall: Do You Still Consider Wilson a Coug?


Not long after writing my article defending Marquess, I found out that he may have tossed himself in front of a proverbial train earlier in the week (last week), driven by everything Washington State. I’m not sure how much I want to read into this, mainly because it sounds different to me than some people have taken it, but there’s no denying he’s not making friends at his old school and may have permanently damaged his Cougar rep among his former fans.

"“I didn’t really recant it, I was just trying to clarify it, and try to clear it up for everybody, to let them know that I wasn’t trying to say that they were physically hitting us. That’s all that I was trying to do with the text message that I sent to Mr. Moos.The stuff they were doing, it wasn’t right.Looking back at it, I wouldn’t change my mind. I stuck with it, and I’ll still stick with it if I ever had to go back. So that’s just the way I feel."

All that means to me is that he still thinks he made the right decision for himself and has every confidence in himself. Obviously he thought that a drill or set of drills was too much punishment or work for the situation and simply had too big of a disagreement to continue. Anybody who’s ever quit their job understands how it can get like that. My guess is that he was also still hurting emotionally from the comments made toward his group in particular over the prior weeks.

He kinda proved those harsh comments of weakness and softness to be true the moment he stood up and walked across that practice field, we know that, but I think there’s this predisposed notion that he is a bad apple (no pun intended) all of the sudden. I don’t necessarily believe that. I always thought he was a good person with a ton of athleticism but poor work ethic, I still think that. We all have special people in our lives whom we will disagree with when it comes to big decisions that they make, but mostly we still think they are who they are. 

We don’t have all the facts, we never will, but I will say that I wish he’d just go on camera and make the announcement one way or the other. At this point though, he’s in a lose/lose situation so that’s really not an option and all he can do is move on, which he seems to be doing. I really do think that his status as a Cougar (whilst posting an asterisk by it) should be left in tact. We don’t have to be happy with the way it ended but when push comes to shove and he’s doing his thing in the NFL I’m going to claim him as a Cougar and you should too. Same as we claim someone like Chris Ivory as a Cougar. Hopefully he can change his ethic to maximize his potential in the NFL.