Butch and Zzu Cru Do the Funniest Harlem Shake Ever


If you haven’t seen it, Butch and the Zzu Cru (Washington State’s self proclaimed student section at WSU’s basketball and football games) combined to do the Harlem shake in this must-see Youtube Vid. Read below for the funnies:

I say all this in love, being black myself, so here it goes with no racial agenda attached: Butch is white-boy-WHACK in his solo, but settles into a nice groove that is music video worthy while in the group. Luckily for this video, I found the token black-guy in the upper left hand corner (although I admit it was kinda like find Waldo), because after all, what is a Harlem shake without a black guy?

By the way, the answer is simply: “The Shake”

Several other noteworthy items that make this the weirdest and funniest Harlem Shake of all time:

  • This video has a dude in a crimson/plaid toga… and he is awesome and unashamed
  • Also introducing a guy with NO SHIRT but a cotton eskimo cap (only at Wazzu?)
  • Also, is there a cow in this video? I think that’s a cow, and a superhero, a banana and a storm-trooper, all in the same non-Halloween video
  • And I don’t know what kind of animal is dancing in the bottom right, but I cannot stop laughing
  • A couple guys decided not to dance, one is looking tough while the other doesn’t know how he got here
  • And finally the absolute FAIL of the piece: The guy on the bottom left has a chance to get down with no less than 7 cheerleaders for free in a video… instead he decides to feel himself up and then go into a slinky-type gyration on the floor for 15 seconds!