Washington State Football Early O-Line Depth Chart Projections: Much Deeper Than Previous Seasons


Washington State has really struggled finding quality depth all over the field over the past 5 or 6 seasons, it’s no secret that many Pac-12 caliber players just haven’t filled out the charts in that time. But this year seems to be a bit of a corner turner for the Cougars, as they strive to actually attempt to compete in their second string with players that could actually hold down the position at this level of college football.

CougCenter put together an early projection of the 2013 Offensive Depth Chart and we’re going to put in our own thoughts with their projections for each position group. For CC’s full projection thoughts, click the link.

November 3, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes defensive end Joe Kruger (99) rushes Washington State Cougars quarterback Jeff Tuel (10) while blocked by offensive linemen Jake Rodgers (69) and John Fullington (77) during the first quarter at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been most noticeable at the O-line position, just across the board, as coach Mike Leach decided to take his lumps in year one and only play 6. That’s right, six players held every offensive line position for the entirety of 2012. While Leach thought there was better talent in the younger classes that could have played right away, he redshirted all that he could. It led to giving up the most sacks in the NCAA (55) but he did this presumably in hopes that he would develop depth at the position in the coming years and save the better players for an extra year in which the Cougs will be contenders in the North.

This season the O-line may just be the most improved group on the offensive side. The addition of size and the ability to actually keep players in one spot this season is going to pay monster dividends.

Left tackle:

No. 1 – Gunnar Eklund (RSSO)
No. 2 – Eduardo Middleton (RSFR)
No. 3 – Sam Flor (RSFR)
No. 4 – Pierson Villarrubia (RSFR)

Left guard:

No. 1 – John Fullington (SR)
No. 2 – Denzell Dotson (RSFR)
No. 3 – Nui Sale (RSJR)
No. 4 – Matt Meyer (FR)


No. 1 – Elliot Bosch (RSSR)
No. 2 – Zach Brevick (RSSR)
No. 3 – Carlos Freeman (FR)
No. 4 – Denzell Dotson (RSFR)

Right guard:

No. 1 – Jake Rodgers (RSJR)
No. 2 – Matt Goetz (RSSR)
No. 3 – Nui Sale (RSJR)
No. 4 – Denzell Dotson (RSFR)

Right tackle:

No. 1 – Rico Forbes (RSSR)
No. 2 – Jacob Seydel (JR)
No. 3 – Sam Flor (RSFR)
No. 4 – Pierson Villarrubia (RSFR)

ACU: Love, LOVE the move of Jake Rodgers to right guard. He was simply terrible on the outside last season. Even though he played TE in high school, his crossover feet out there just don’t work and he got TOASTED repeatedly on the edge. The thing is, he’s really quite strong and has the base and size that is perfect for G.

Forbes could be in for a major fight from Seydel and I am really interested in how that turns out at right tackle. While Freeman is going to be the future at center, I don’t see him playing if WSU can help it. Bosch was the most solid lineman last season and sets everyone up correctly every play, which cannot be overstated.

On the left side Fullington is solid inside. If he gets some consistency from his left, he will be an all-conference type of performer. Yes, I called all-conference for a WSU lineman, IF he gets a good effort from his left. Speaking of which Gunnar Eklund should be much improved. The left tackle spot is the worst position when your line cannot keep continuity, and it was an absolute black hole that defenders just seemed to appear out of for our QB’s last year. Eklund should hold it down, but there are three big and talented redshirt freshmen waiting for their turn.

Go Cougs!