Coug LOI’s: OG Cole Madison Signs With Washington State


Name: Cole Madison

School: John F Kennedy Memorial (Seattle, WA)

Position: ATH (Guard/Receiver/Defensive End)

Vitals: 6’6″, 270 lbs


  • Rivals:  NR
  • Scout:  #42
  • ESPN:  #26
  • 247Sports:  #89

Other Offers of Interest: Idaho, Northern Colorado

Best Attributes: Size, Athleticism, Versatility

Prediction & How He Improves Cougars in 2013

This guy is a freak of nature, who can play a variety of positions. Which is why I believe he will get red shirted his first year on campus. I think the coaching staff will take a year shuffling him from position to position to see where he will fit the best.

At 6’6″ and 270 lbs, Madison is still a growing boy. From everything I have read, it seems the coaches promised him a chance at playing the inside receiver position. However I don’t see that panning out, besides the fact that the whole Andrei Lintz experiment didn’t pan out; I think Cole will just end up out-growing the receiver position.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Madison on the D line, he would be a perfect DE for the Breske 3-4 scheme. With that size he would be big load to take on, he could end up commanding a double team on the D line and would be a force to be reckoned with there. My best bet though, is that he ultimately finds a home on the offensive line. Leach likes his big bodies on the O line, and Madison is the definition of that.

He is athletic enough that he can handle the one on one match ups that the wide splits on the O line will command. He has developed quick feet from playing the TE position and that combined with his pure mammoth size, is a perfect combo for the wide splits. Where ever he ends up, I think he will be a force, this is an exciting get for Leach and company.

All Coug’d Up Recruit Grade: 3.5

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