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Washington State Football Early Impact (Grayshirt) LOI: WR Robert Lewis


Name: Robert Lewis

School: South East HS of South Gate, CA

Position: Wide Receiver

Vitals: 5’10”, 160 lbs


  • Rivals: 
  • Scout:  #63 (2012)
  • ESPN: 

Other Offers of Interest: N/A

Best Attributes: Speed, Elusiveness, Hands

Prediction & How He Improves Cougars in 2013: 

Robert Lewis gives us variety on offense. To a lesser extent, I think he becomes our mini-Black Mamba (De’Anthony Thomas) and will be used in a plethora of ways by season’s end. The electricity that he brings to the table is, for lack of a better term, exciting.

He is the kid that can line up in the backfield in a wildcat formation, motion through and take a handoff on a fly sweep from the pistol (aka James Rodgers), take bubble screens or be an in-between threat with break away ability in the passing game. He could also be a punt returner, so the options are basically endless here.

Looking at his highlight tape is fun, but remember he was a paltry 140 lbs at the time and he’ll be up around 165 and a year stronger with the grayshirt. I think Leach, Mastro and Yost will find ways to get him involved to make this offense as dynamic as possible.

It may take till around mid-season to get him integrated in these ways, because adding a more than strictly supplemental run game is the first order of business in 2013. But it’s gonna happen, you watch!

All Coug’d Up Recruit Grade: 3.5