It's being suggested by a LOT of peopl..."/>

It's being suggested by a LOT of peopl..."/>

Mike Leach’s Washington State Offense Not Good For Running Backs? Oh Contraire Husky Fans


It’s being suggested by a LOT of people around the region, particularly those fans of teams that are in need of an RB and more particularly those fans of the Evil Purple Witch of the West, that running backs just aren’t smart to commit to Mike Leach’s air raid at Washington State.

This has mainly come about due to a long time Washington State RB verbal commit, Gerard Wicks, now taking a surprise late visit to the People Eaters’ campus this upcoming weekend. Of course this is the final weekend of visits and while I don’t necessarily fault Wicks for his decision to take another visit (I mean after all, it’s his right and opportunity and life and all that), I really don’t like that it’s to Seattle. He has tripped to UCLA and was looking forward to an offer but it never came, now it looks like one last hurrah before Judgement Day.

We here at Wazzu all remember a certain Bishop Sankey that had verbally committed to be in Crimson and Gray, only to be whisked away by the Huskies in the late stages of recruitment. I think there is an even higher feeling of consensus on Wicks being the RB that we need to fill out this system and class of backs properly, with maximum potential in our backfield moving forward. If he flips last second the recruiting rivalry will begin to bust at the seams!

To drop some knowledge on this developing situation, here are a few enlightening tweets today by our friend SoCalCoug to put your mind at ease, oh committed Wazzu RB’s:

Pretty much says it all. If you’re looking for stats, Washington might be your spot of tea. If you’re looking for glory and touchdowns, you’re not going to do better than a Leach offense in the state of WA. In the Apple Cup, Sankey 84 yards, 2 tds and a L. Carl Winston 27 yards, 3 tds and a W. Just sayin’.

Go Cougs!