Hey Coug and Bay Are..."/>

Hey Coug and Bay Are..."/>

Bay Area Cougs Report: Gear Up With Lead!


Hey Coug and Bay Area fans! This is your Bay Area Coug I’m bringing exciting news for everybody that tunes in here.  This is the debut of a new, authentic All Coug’d Up section we are calling the “Bay Area Cougs Report”, talking Cougs all over the Bay. With the Niners and Paul Wulff headed to the Super Bowl I thought you all should check this out.

I came across this brand when I was looking for gear to support former Coug Great Klay Thompson in the NBA and my NFL team San Francisco 49ers.  As this kind of stuff is hard to come by I really wanted to share this with you.

The Brand is called Lead.  After meeting Mike Taniguchi and listening to their mission statement I found out that Lead doesn’t just make Awesome sports gear, but they have a great message and and incredible passion for what they do.  Folks this is where I go for any Bay area gear I need and for you Coug fans, stay tuned for a possible Klay Thompson/Splash Brothers design! If you need your Super Bowl shirts that beat boring and plain design check out their site.

Anyways here is a little about the brand from the founder Mark Taniguchi:

"LEAD is a brand from San Francisco, CA that was founded in 2011 by Mark Taniguchi. LEAD is a brand that focuses on bringing forward the inspired and supporting those who are leaders in everyday life through sports, arts and everyday living. Promoting leadership and individual talent is valuable to our brand because it allows us to educate and remind our supports that they all possess individual talent.Since the development and launch of LEAD, we have created design concepts that cater toward the professional sports teams that represent San Francisco. Our products are created with a deep sense of thought and creativity so that each design has a solid “double” meaning and story behind it.Our brand is operated by a team of three that consists of Mark Taniguchi (Founder / Co-Owner), Ro Raman (Co-Owner) and Mike Taniguchi (Sales / Marketing). We work day in and day out to deliver reputable products that our supporters are able to relate to.With the closing of 2012 our products have been spotted on several professional athletes and other recognizable figures. Going forward into 2013 we look forward to expanding and working with more professional athletes and artists to deliver more exciting products."

For more information please visit their website at this link www.lead-threads.com