According to multiple sources Saturday afternoon, it's been confirmed that David Yos..."/> According to multiple sources Saturday afternoon, it's been confirmed that David Yos..."/>

Washington State Football: Sources Say David Yost Wazzu Bound


According to multiple sources Saturday afternoon, it’s been confirmed that David Yost is headed to Washington State in the undisclosed role of inside receivers coach. The ex-Missouri offensive coordinator/place kicker coach/quarterback coach/recruiting coordinator now presumably has the role he desires (which is anything less than 4 separate jobs) under head coach Mike Leach. The school has yet to officially announce Yost as the successor to Eric Morris, who left for the offensive coordinator position at Texas Tech just a couple of weeks ago.

It was reported earlier in the week that Leach had gone down to the Keys in Florida to interview Yost for the position and he was very likely to accept. The report also stated that he “is really excited to learn from one of the originators of the spread offense” and that Yost had found the job description and assumed responsibilities “very appealing.”

This just a couple days after athletic director Bill Moos coyly mentioned in his Cougar Chats that WSU was pursuing some “big time” names and was confident that they would get them. Of course coach Yost is one such name, his offenses consistently in the upper echelon of the national rankings during his time at Mizzou.

This is really huge news for the football program, obviously. It only adds to the intrigue of who the other coach is to join on the defensive side of the ball. There has been speculation that Moos’ “big time” comment may have meant “in relation to Washington State” as a bit of an oversell. This hire puts those fears to bed emphatically, as Yost is a major steal in this capacity for not only adding to the offense in general, but also from a recruiting standpoint.

He is a big time personality with just a wealth of experience and knowledge behind him. Not only at Missouri for the past 12 years, but also 5 years before that under the same coach, Gary Pinkel, at Toledo. He will also likely take over as Leach’s direct line from the booth on gamedays and have “some say in the offense”, whatever that entails. In any case, super, super news in Cougar country. Welcome coach Yost, from the Zou to the ZZU!

By the way, David has a wife, Carrie and three children, so we welcome them to our family as well. And I would be doing a great injustice if I didn’t throw this in, due to those flowing locks of gold… LET’S GET READY TO ROCK, COUGAR NATION!!!!!!