It's Playoff time and it's the most exciting Playoffs in several years, I must ..."/> It's Playoff time and it's the most exciting Playoffs in several years, I must ..."/>

NFL Reaction WildCard Week: Rookie Qb’s In Playoffs, Coaching Changes, Pair of 3’s In Washington


It’s Playoff time and it’s the most exciting Playoffs in several years, I must say. It’s not just that Seattle’s in it, but also that the Playoffs are so fresh. Pittsburgh… out, Dallas… out, New York(s)… out. Chargers, Bears, Saints… all out.

In are some recent traditionals like the Ravens, Patriots, Packers, Falcons and 49ers, but also three rookie qb’s on teams that were more or less terrible last year. Moments that defined those three Rookies can be seen here and are well worth the watch from Let’s also not leave out the upstart Houston Texans and Cincy Bengals, along with the return of the great Peyton Manning with his new super Broncos and the near record-setting Adrian Peterson in Minnesota.

It all adds up to looking like an incredibly fun Playoffs. Seahawk fans like myself have to be jacked up that we’re legitimately back to fighting for West titles with #InRussWeTrust at the helm. And I just thought about this interesting qb parody, what a matchup this week with RGIII vs RW#3. It obviously seems like everyone is billing this as the matchup of the weekend with both teams on impressive winning streaks to make it in.

For the teams that didn’t make it, there’s plenty of news to go around. Of course, when your teams’ season ends you always start looking forward to that last weekend in April for the guys that are going to put you in next year. But this year, there’s also coaching changes that affect a third of the league. I won’t go into all the changes in this piece but it’s an interesting slate. At this point it looks like the closest teams to deals already are Buffalo (or Arizona) with Ex-Bear Lovie Smith and Kansas City with Ex-Eagle Andy Reid.

Anyways another great week in the NFL and the Playoffs commence on Saturday morning. See you next week for more NFL Reaction from ACU.

Go Seahawks!