Washington State Basketball: Cougs Beat Jackson State 52-41, How Not Important


Dec. 9, 2012; Pullman, WA, USA; Washington State Cougars forward Brock Motum (12) and forward D.J. Shelton (23) walk off the court after a game against the Fresno State Bulldogs at the Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum. The Cougars would go onto beat the Bulldogs by a final score of 59-50. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

While I was writing my pregame huddle yesterday, I gotta say I didn’t quite see the Cougs trailing by 2 with 12:00 to go. They turned it on for 14 in a row however and ended up cruising to the finish with an 11 point victory. Motum scored 27, again, and Lacy added 11, including an off balance dagger 3 with 5:30 remaining as the shot clock ran down.

Coach Ken Bone admitted it was his fault for scheduling a game this week (finals) and said his team was majorly fatigued. But regardless, all that matters in this one is that you got the win and avoided major disaster. Jackson State isn’t a team with whom you worry about setting a barometer or anything, so just winning the thing was the important factor.

It was closer than the fans wanted to see, I’m sure. The Cougs worked the ball around the zone and got something like 19 attempts from 3. Lacy made the only 3 pointers on the night, so there’s a bad stat. Also, WSU turned it over 19 times against the Tigers and I must say that they really have to clean that part of their game up. Granted they’re a young team but good grief the TO’s this season are the reason this team isn’t 10-1.

I fully expect the Cougs to come back with great effort, focus and attitude against Buffalo in Seattle’s Hardwood Classic.

Go Cougs!