Today's GameDay Huddle is also our ACU vs GJB Pt 4, talking predictions. It was toug..."/> Today's GameDay Huddle is also our ACU vs GJB Pt 4, talking predictions. It was toug..."/>

Washington State Football GameDay Huddle and GoJoeBruin vs AllCougdUp Predictions: Ucla Bruins


Today’s GameDay Huddle is also our ACU vs GJB Pt 4, talking predictions. It was tough to get up Sunday morning last week and have hope for tonight, but here I am again using every possible excuse I can find to justify talking myself into a Pac-12 win. After all, it’s gotta happen sooner or later right? And let’s be honest, whenever it happens again there’s not many people who will have us winning the game that day. So why not tonight? Yes, I can talk myself into a win here, I think just before kickoff?

GoJoeBruin vs AllCougdUp Pt 4: Predictions

GoJoeBruin: The whole passing-game-as-a-run-game thing seems to be the trend in the Pac-12. USC uses a lot of behind-the-line-of-scrimmage pass plays as does UCLA, although the Bruins like to hand it off often, too. It’s important to note that the Bruins do well against WSU-type offenses, so we’re going to have to see if it works.

Franklin and Hundley should scare most of the nation at this point. Too bad Franklin’s in his last year. But that tight end you’re talking about, Joe Fauria, has actually been underutilized, and I don’t know if that’s because he screws around a lot or what. But he’s a serious redzone threat and is almost always the primary target inside the 20.

Defensively, WSU has to attack those corners and take deep shots whenever they can, if the UCLA front seven first doesn’t get to whoever the hell Leach is starting at QB. Those UCLA corners have been flighty all season and this is the chance for Leach to get some momentum offensively.

Mora’s a freaking genius. UCLA fans have grown to love him for his attitude towards USC (that he’s not talking about them a lot but that he isn’t afraid to take shots at ’em). He had a lot of growing up to do from his Seattle and Atlanta days, and my damn, he’s done it.

Alright, final thoughts: Give me your prediction for the WSU game and tell me how much alcohol you’ll consume in sorrow after the Bruins destroy Wazzu.

AllCougdUp:Ok here we go. If I’m being honest I’ve got UCLA by 24 on any normal-weather day. However… it should be cold, blustery and somewhat snowy conditions at Martin Stadium and UCLA is notorious for not playing well here or on the road in general, so that significantly swings the tide. I still say the Bruins walk away with a 34-24 victory, but the Cougs should keep it close at home in some strange fashion.

Then again, if UCLA starts tightening up as the second half gets going, the Cougs could call on the magic that lifted them over ASU last season, when the Sun Devils were in a similar situation in the Pac-12 South race. I will say that the last couple of years UCLA has had their luck against us with back to back to back home tilts, so hopefully this is the game where it all turns around on them on the road in Pullman.

As well as Hundley’s played, he’s still a freshman and if he makes enough mistakes in the cold, he could end up as the losing qb. Tuel is a steady qb in the cold and with a hard, slippery surface it could be difficult for the Bruin defensive line, so if he gets some help around him he could have a breakout performance, aka Connor Halliday last year. I would really like to see it happen, more than anything. But if UCLA can generate a pass rush on the slick field, it is going to be a long night.

GoJoeBruin: UCLA can’t lose this game, and I know Washington State is totally notorious for making games that they shouldn’t win horrifyingly close.

That said, UCLA is going to win, margin be damned. I’ve got UCLA 40-24, but worst-case scenario, this game is a 39-30 win for the Bruins. Cold weather is going to be the factor, as is the fire lit under the Cougars’ asses after Leach called ’em out.

UCLA’s run game will be key as it has been all season. That’s the good thing about having a solid ground game; that type of play is almost always encouraged in awful conditions like 28-degree weather.

Alright, we got our predictions in. Final thoughts here as we close it up and let the players do the talking from here on out?

AllCougdUp: The only final thought I have is for both WSU and UCLA fans to follow @GoJoeBruinUcla and @AllCougdUp on Twitter today as we live tweet the game with thoughts and banter, as well as live tweet the rest of the football season and basketball season for our respective schools. Should be a fun one tonight… hopefully! 🙂

Want to thank Carlos Sandoval from for the friendly back and forth all week!