If you haven't heard of this kid, If you haven't heard of this kid,

Washington State Basketball: Top 30 PG Ikenna Iroegbu Commits To Cougars


If you haven’t heard of this kid, Ikenna Iroegbu, you will Coug fans. The 6’2, 185 lbs PG out of Elk Grove, CA is ranked in the top 100 overall and is a top 30 PG in the nation (depending on who’s ratings you look at) and is going to be a very fun player to watch. Very athletic, very quick laterally, handles the ball impressively well, loves to finish around the rim and has a lightning quick cross-over from left to right. He was looking pretty hard at Oregon State, Arizona, USC and most recently had a visit to Va Tech. This kid will add tremendous value to our back court and really adds a whole new dimension to our offense in a conference that is very offensively guard-driven. Also, I love the name!

Iroegbu really has a knack for getting free to get a shot off via the dribble, otherwise known as “creating his own shot”. Based on what is being said about him, he’s wasn’t (isn’t) the most prolific shooter and from the film I can see that he has a slight hitch sometimes in his mid range pull-up, which gives a multitude of trajectories to his shots. However that’s a pretty basic assessment of just about any high school PG and it’s just a matter of getting shots in the gym. He still generally has a sweet release and a soft touch on anything going to the rim. Ikenna is simply electric in the open floor and has the confident attitude that you like to see in a scoring point.

From the film he really sees the floor well and makes some beautiful passes in between defenders when they close out too aggressively. I would like to see him get stronger (he has a great frame for a few more pounds of muscle) and he’ll really need to work on defense and moving without the ball, because Bone’s offense revolves around movement when you don’t have the rock in your hands. Overall, you can tell he’s a gamer and a competitor and he brings something to the position that we really haven’t had enough of recently, immense swagger and athleticism. Man he can get up!

Go Cougs!