Freshman Experience 3


Sept. 29, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Washington State Cougars mascot Butch brings out the flag before a game against the Oregon Ducks during the first half at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-US PRESSWIRE

Last week was brutal with the amount of work load that was assigned to me. In one week I had to do a Literature Performance presentation online for my Com 102 class. The assignment was for each student in our class to record ourselves online through, reading a piece of literature. This wasn’t just any reading assignment, I had to literally go through seven pages of the story “David Swan” by Nathaniel Hawthorne and break it down into a 3-4 minute presentation, reading it as if I were there. My professor Dr. Waldleigh said to us before the assignment, “In order to get an “A” on this assignment, you must act like an a** in your presentation and be embarrassed.” Once I was done with my presentation, I definitely felt like an a** but was happy with my performance and knew I earned an “A” on the assignment.

For my History 105 class we had a 2-3 page paper due on Sunday the 30th of September on global pandemics. Having to go through multiple pages of reading and incorporating three questions into one thesis statement was difficult task to do. I’ve talked with everybody in my dorm and who I know at WSU about this class. All of them agree that History 105 is the worst class because of all the workload and expectations our professor has for us. We’re Freshman! C’Mon Man! Cut us some slack? All my other classes the workload isn’t nearly as big as the workload assigned in History 105.

Other school work I had to get through was taking a Spanish 203 exam which I was able to do very well on, and do Com 101 reading. Once I was able to get through all this school work, I was able to go home for the weekend (September 28-30); seeing my family and going to the Seattle Game.

I haven’t been home in over a month, so I was very excited to see my Mom and sister. Since I arrived in Seattle on Saturday I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with my family because of the Seattle Game that night. Being at my house for a couple hours and catching up with both my Mom, sister  and some of my next door neighbors was great.

Now let me take you through my experience with the game at Century Link Field that Saturday night! I can sum it up into one word, AWESOME! Even though the Cougars couldn’t pull it, I was proud of the way they played and competed with the No.2 team in the country (Oregon). In front of 60,000 people at Century Link Field in Seattle, WA, two of my friends and I were on the field and got to compete in one of the in-game promotion contests. We had to roll a can of cougar cheese across the end zone and who ever rolled it the farthest won a huge supply of Cougar cheese. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but got to keep my can of Cougar Gold Cheese that I rolled.

Each week keeps getting better for me at Washington State University and stay tuned for next week for more on my Freshman Year at WSU.

Go Cougs!

-Evan Baron (Follow me on twitter @BaselineBaron09)