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WSU Raising Awareness: Don’t Get Sucked Into the SWAGGA SUIT!


Today Mark Knight @ put up a good article about the new ‘Swagga Suit’ and its story. Let me rephrase: if you’re pride is Husky, it’s a good article!  In it he talks about the SS becoming ‘the next big thing in sporting apparel’, which may be true but I don’t care! I’m raising awareness of its fallacies!

Don’t be that guy ——————->>>

WSU fans, I implore you to not get sucked into this so called ‘Swag’ craze! It’s no more than a glorified snuggie with legs. It’s a fat (not phat, *fat) pair of long-john pajamas. I guess it’s like a snowsuit with a hood, which ultimately will be a bit popular around here at games and such during the cold season…

WHICH IS WHY I’M RAISING AWARENESS! Stand together and avoid purchase of the Swagga Suit, even if it comes in WSU Crimson and Gray! It comes with an undertone of purple and gold! And my goodness it’s atrocious!

(*NOTE: This is all in good fun and not an attempt to snub UW sales attempts. Just seriously, trying to get the word out early… don’t be that guy…

…Be this guy)! —————->>>