We don't have to imagine We don't have to imagine

UW Swagga-Suit Craze Sweeps the Nation?


We don’t have to imagine Jon Brockman in a onesie anymore, because he and some of his Washington buddies have generously decided to model their sweet baby threads online. I have to tell you, I saw the swagga suit headline on Cougcenter and ignored it. For the better part of a week now I ignored it. I thought maybe it was some dumb UW student suing someone else for stealing their perpetual “Swag”. Oh but it wasn’t that at all, it was even better! I finally looked at the post today because it was bugging me that I didn’t know exactly what it was and….. Oh man, there are not words for how ridiculous this thing is. It’s like a cross between the Easter Bunny and my 16 month old daughter. All it’s missing are some footies and floppy ears.

According to the students that created it, the new craze is apparently “sweeping the nation” after several media outlets have commented on it, including Yahoo Sports, NBC Sports and SB Nation. Ok, soon we’ll all be wearing our swagga-gear onesies and still claiming adulthood. Or not. I’m really not sure this could catch on in any other spot in the world except at The University of Washington. But it gets even better, this is how the students describe their creation of this horrendous waste of perfectly good baby suit materials:

"“After sitting in a locked room for a total of 13.5 hours we not only became good friends but we decided to produce jumpsuits,” SWAG’s website says. “The sequence of events behind this decision is a little blurred but let’s just say things got weird and in the end here we are and here is our awesome product…The Original Swagga Suit!”"

I chuckled a little, and then broke out in a hearty laugh when I read that. In fact, read it again. What exactly was going on in there that helped this thought along? How good of friends are we talking? How weird were things exactly? Wait, don’t answer that.

There are just those days where I’m a little bit prouder to be a Coug!