Look Around: Arizona Wildcats


So it’s the time in the year where there’s plenty of football and basketball news, just not necessarily all that much for your team. This is the case with Washington State, so to keep the days moving with continuous updates for our fans, I’m going to take a look around the west and find some interesting news pertaining to the Pac-12, or the NFC West (since I’m a huge Seahawk fan also), or anything else pertaining to our regional sports, when we can’t find anything Coug related to talk about.

Today we went to zonazealots.com and found a link that reveals that Arizona could be coming out in Copper Helmets at some point this season, or not. No, the Cats won’t change their color scheme to match, but it’s interesting to say the least. By themselves, I really don’t like the look, at all. However, I’ve been known to like changes like this after the fact, when seen with the entire uniform in a game, so there’s still time to change my mind. In fact, when I close my eyes and think about it, this helmet has the potential to look pretty bomb on top of any color scheme the Cats come out with, whether it be the navy blue, the red or the white.

Also, there’s an interesting article written by MSchmidt about Rich Rod and his former school at Michigan. It seems Michigan might be a bit jealous of their former coach…

And how about ex-Wildcats? Are they givin’ em the business in the NBA Playoffs? Iggy and Terry are making their mark as Philly approaches game 7 with Boston and Terry won a title last season.

Plus much more, @ ZonaZealots.com.