Paul Wulff Hired with 49ers

facebooktwitterreddit and Ninersnation is reporting that Paul Wulff has finally found a home with the San Francisco 49ers, where he was hired last week in the undefined role of “senior offensive assistant”. We want to send a big congratulations to Paul and his family, who will join him soon down in the Bay area. I cannot imagine the amount of stress he has been going through since being relieved of his duties at Washington State, but I know it can’t be easy when you think you have more time at your “dream job” and the rug gets swept from beneath your feet without much warning. Unfortunately when you haven’t had recent success not only are you out in the cold for a bit, but you don’t have doors that you can walk through on a whim either. I’ve been hoping good things for him and I’m glad that he has landed on his feet. We all know he’ll rep us proud!

Go Cougs!