Summer and Football!


Hey there Coug fans! As the dreaded college finals commence, some students have finally, good god finally!… reached graduation and are ready to start the next chapter in their new, exciting lives! These are the students that have put in the time, finished the courses and created a bond with Washington State University that they will never lose, yet somehow, for the most part, can’t wait to break (insert smiley face here). If they only knew what happens afterward they wouldn’t have been complaining their entire college careers, but college is hard, right? And who could blame them for wanting to finally get away from those pesky professors? I mean after all, they have no idea. They don’t know that in the real world there is no Greek Rush and that thousands of hot bikinis and hundreds of hunky shorts don’t conjugate out on their lawns together, to oogle and show off for their ooglers. And they don’t know that there’s a whole lot less sleeping in class after college is over, but that’s for another time because I’m digressing.

Let’s get to our other students, who cheerily count down the final seconds of each class as if a million dollars were about to drop into their lap, and yep, there it is, Summer’s here! They’ll head back home for just enough time to grow a sweet tan to show off and take a nice, cool swim before the Fall. They’ll return back from vacation way too early and settle in for another 9 months of grueling tests and study sessions and work work work work work. But still other students are getting packed up from mom and dad’s, ready to embark on their journey of a lifetime and head to College! Yes! Out of the nest and onto the road that will prepare for success! Oh yeah, and don’t forget, there’s been fabled stories of some real mature Wazzu hotties waiting too (insert best winking face, here. Right here!).

Regardless of where you are on the college journey though, one thing is for sure: There’s only one thing that never comes too quickly! So get your jobs, get your tans, get your swim on and get your bags packed Cougs! And oh yeah, loosen up that arm and break out the leather, because no matter how soon is too soon to be back in school, it’s never too early for the best season of all, Football! We can’t wait to hit up Mike Leach’s Martin Stadium in 2012!

Happy Summer!

Go Cougs!