Marcus Capers: The Long Road Into WSU History


Over the last four basketball seasons, we consistently heard the name Marcus Capers. So much so in fact, he set a record. Capers’ 135 games places him at the top of the list for the career games played at Washington State. He also stole a few other, former Cougars’ place in the record books over his career here at WSU.  With 232 assists he takes the #17 spot all time at Wazzu, his 82 blocks over his career places him at #18 all time and he also finished 18th all time in rebounding.  With all these stats and all these years on the Palouse, who better to sit down and talk to than the Winter Haven Native himself in this CougSclusive interview? Marcus Capers everybody.

ACU (Caleb):  “What does it mean to you to have played the most games of any Coug ever?”

MC:  It means I’m important. Playing that many games and starting so many of them means I wasn’t just here taking up space, it means I left a mark here, Like i did something here and that says a lot about me as a player.

ACU:  What’s your favorite memory of your time at Wazzu? (doesn’t have to be basketball)”

MC:  Well it was basketball actually. It was senior night vs ASU, we came down the court with time running out and down.  As Taylor Rochestie came down the court he passed me the ball, I swear I’d never been as scared my whole life! I immediately kicked the ball back out to Taylor and  he pulled up and hit a three just short of half court to put us up.  When it went in my first instinct was to rip off my jersey and start celebrating but coach Bennett knew that and kept everyone focused and got us back on D as we made one last stop and celebrated with the fans.

ACU:  What’s next for Marcus Capers?

MC:   I’m trying to get back in shape after a little time off, I would really like to continue playing basketball a few more years.  I eventually want to get into coaching, I think I would be good because the way I react to people and having played for so long helps me understand what it’s like on the court and can help me relate and teach young players.

ACU:   There was a lot of controversy around wether or not Ken Bone was the right fit for WSU throughout your final year, was there a big difference between Tony Bennett and Coach bone as far as culture goes?

MC:  Yeah, I mean Bennett was a more defensive coach and Bone is more an up tempo kind of coach.   I was recruited by Bennett but to me it really didn’t matter when the coach’s were switched because I was going to play for whoever here.   As far as Bone being on the hot seat this year, is people don’t always understand the situation. When You’re looking at it, Bone hasn’t had an opportunity to get all his players and all his recruits into his system yet and it’s hard to do exactly what you want when that’s the case.  I’m looking forward to seeing how he does next year now that he’s got all his guys and the right guys for the system.  

ACU:  What will you miss most about WSU?

MC:  I feel famous here, I don’t think once I go somewhere else I’ll get the same feeling.  I love the support from the Coug nation, I look at all of them like family and support.

ACU:  Next I put him on the spot and asked “If you could play anywhere else where would it be and why?”

MC:  I would probably keep it in the pac12 because you get to meet a lot of great players that come through here and it’s a great conference.  If I had to choose it would be one of the Arizona schools just because how nice it is there, I would retire there and that’s all I’m basing it off of. 

ACU:  The last question I asked him was “Over the years you’ve had a lot of game changing dunks, is there a specific one you remember as you’re favorite?”

MC:  Sophmore year a shot went up and I went up and put it back in.  It ended up not counting because I got an over the back called on me but the official told me the only reason he called it was because he didn’t think I was going to be able to get up and get it.  I just remember that because I got higher than I thought I could.

Well there you have it.  Marcus Capers, you are and forever will be a major part of Cougar history.  Congratulations on a great career and just know you will be missed by the entire Cougar Nation!  Always Wave the Flag my friend, GO COUGS!