Klay Thompson #Confidence


How would you define Klay Thompson in one word?

Confidence: full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing. Yeah that sounds about right for the for the former Washington State Guard.

“I really wanted to go to Orlando and be around the All-Stars and be a part of that whole weekend. I thought I was easily one of the top nine rookies (selected to the rookie-sophomore game), but I hope I’ve proved in the second half of the season that I deserved it.” Said Klay.  Thompson is having an impressive rookie season and as some other rookies aren’t quite living up to the hype, he is a rising star and is making the most of his opportunity after the Monta Ellis trade.

Klay has always had a quiet confidence about him, even in college he knew how good he was and backed down from no one posting an impressive 21 points per game in his final year at WSU.  In the draft, Klay believed he should have gone sooner than he did but he ended up going to a team that he fits in with well.

The Golden State Warriors have struggled for quite some time, only entering post season play once in the past 17 seasons.  This year the team (under new ownership) has been forced to make a few crucial moves to try to get them back into post season play and hopefully return to significance in the NBA.  Although the moves have hurt this season, they will benefit them in the long run.  One of the benefits is the rookie Klay Thompson has moved into a starting roll and is getting valuable experience as he passed on his senior season of college to enter the draft.  Going forward Klay will play a key part in what the Warriors have to do to be successful.

Klay Thompson was a key player in college and is turning heads in the NBA and we at Washington State are proud to have finally sent a significant player to the Pros for basketball.  We’re wishing Klay the best and will continue to root for him.  He’s confident, he’s a scorer and he is knowledgeable on the game of basketball, any program would be lucky to have him.