Every team has "their fan". At every football game Caleb (my brother) and I go ..."/> Every team has "their fan". At every football game Caleb (my brother) and I go ..."/>

Washington State Football: A Tribute to My Favorite Cougar Fan “Pumps McGee”


Every team has “their fan”. At every football game Caleb (my brother) and I go too, there’s always this guy, right in the middle of what used to be the “old people section” below the press box. The “old people section” was of course what I called it before I got a little bit mature and I’m now on the brink of 30, which puts me right in line for a seat and now I laughingly call it the “comfortable section”. Anyway there’s this guy and he’s always there, no matter the weather or the outlook of the game and he’s always got his “LOUD” sign a wavin’. The guy cracks me up because he is absolutely unflappable. Our boys can be down 30 and he is turning around to his minions to start up the “Go Cougs” chant, or perhaps a “Defense” or just if he can get a few yells of encouragement to the field he’s done his job. But my man’s never satisfied! He gets us going at all the right times, and even some of the wrong times during the game. It’s special.

We call him “Pumps” or “Pumps McGee” as he is always pumping up the crowd and we have zero idea what his actual name is or might be, but we just had to name him. The story behind Pumps is not clear, but the guy is a fixture in the Comfortable Section as a season ticket holder and I am excited to see his face look up at even more fans this upcoming season and just light up before waving his hands in the form of “stand up”, or shaking his fists somewhat violently getting us ready to yell for what might amount to no reason during a timeout. Just wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to my favorite fan! Get em’ Pumps!

*Pumps is not featured in this image lol.

Go Cougs!