Shout Out to The Women of WSU Sports and a Congrats to Women’s Basketball Team


First of all, I’d like to point out that the WSU Women (and really just women in general) do not receive enough attention for what they accomplish in the sporting arena. It’s not because we don’t love them and it’s not because they’re worse than the guys at what they do. But the reality of our media is that it is mostly men that run the sporting world and generally speaking it’s mostly guys that watch in a more athletic, more skillful, more power driven arena, period. That’s just how it is because girls that don’t grow up around it and actually play aren’t as interested in the sporting arena, with the exception of the Final 4 and the Olympic sports, in which the women are generally portrayed more closely to and covered as much as, if not more in some cases than our men here in the USA.

At “ACU” we are trying to find a way to get our Coug women covered satisfactorily (though it won’t be as much as our guys), because they put as much time and dedication into what they do and in many cases are even more disciplined in multiple fields, even though we never hear about it. Thus the subject of this post is revealed as we are here to praise the WSU Women’s Basketball Team, which had 5 ladies named to the Pac-12 All Academic Team for the second year in a row (Link here: This is really cool and is an amazing accomplishment as a group so it should be recognized…and thus we are recognizing it. Thank you ladies for your dedication to not only the court but also to the classroom, as you have MATCHED STANFORD this year for the most of any school on the Pac-12 Academic Team. As well, for the past two seasons we’ve matched a program best with 5 players on this team, which means we are as close as ever to becoming the best program to attend when it comes to student/athletes as a whole. Parents will see this and be excited to send their kids to an institution that molds young men and women into winners on and off the court, field and arena. This is good for the entire WSU Athletic Dept.

Keep up the good work ladies! As Mr. Glen Johnson would say over the loud speakers: “You make us Cougar Proud”!

Go Cougs!