Look of The New Seattle Seahawks: Nike Uniform Unveiling


I’ve been a Hawk fan since the days of Dave Krieg and Reuben Mayes, the WSU Hall of Fame running back whom my pops played with here at WSU many moons ago. Seattle, much like Washington State, has never really been a Conference powerhouse for very long and they’ve had more bad seasons than good in their pursuit of a championship. But I’ve always loved ’em, if for nothing more than the fact that I’m a Northwest guy (throw out the Huskies of course), so my allegiances are true to the Northwest and I do not jump on bandwagons. For better or for worse, Go Cougs and Go Hawks are my motto.

Nike took over our Cougs (best day EVA!) just a few years ago, and now they are taking over the entire NFL. Big shocker, I know, actually I’ve been wondering for a long while why they hadn’t already taken over to be honest. Anyways, today marks the first day of the New NFL, and therefore, the New Seattle Seahawks. I for one am excited about this transformation and the new Native American Theme of the uniform is stunning and just straight up FRESH! Nike is amazing at creating innovative looks and I’m mostly on the bandwagon of their new gear (even though some of the old timers out there get a headache if they look too long at it haha). I can’t wait to see the new unis in action!

Anyways, follow the link http://www.seahawks.com/videos-photos/photo-gallery/Photos-New-Uniform/d8a6def9-2713-40e2-bc03-3d5846d98dab#start or just head over to Seahawks.com to get a look. You can get a look at the rest of the NFL’s new Nike look at NFL.com.