Nov. 12, 2011; Pullman, WA, USA; A pair of Washington State Cougars football fans hold up a flag to celebrate a 37-27 win over the Arizona State Sun Devils at Martin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

WSU Football: Coug and Husky Fans Alike Need To Respect The Tradition of ESPN's College Gameday

Yesterday, Lew wrote an awesome article on the Huskies’ possible rebellion against Ol’ Crimson as ESPN’s College Gameday makes a rare trip to the state to feature Oregon at Washington this weekend. Turns out that’s not the only issue that crowd control might have to deal with Saturday morning.

There are some Cougar faithful that have apparently openly discussed the idea of taking over Gameday morning with a group of crimson and gray clad folks.

What a terrible idea, not just because it would most likely end you in jail.

Let me say this, nobody else goes around trying to take over gameday when their rival gets the opportunity for that. Let the Huskies have their day. We want Gameday to want to come to Pullman eventually so stay classy Cougs. Ol’ Crimson should still fly and ESPN prognosticators have indicated there will be protection for those who hold those two flags as always (great story HERE about the two that will bear those flags on Saturday), but beyond that it is and should be all about the Huskies and Ducks.

Washington State vs Washington, the Apple Cup on November 29th, that’s where this turf war needs to take place, like always. If we really want to invade Lake Washington snatch up the remaining 3,000 or so tickets on stub hub and let’s go cheer our Cougs on to victory in the Apple Cup.

Chime in if you have an opinion on the situation with a comment below.

Go Cougs!

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • George Means

    Good points all around, Josh. As we know, the flag bearers show up when it is still dark, granted the show starts at six am, so it will be dark when the camera starts rolling. We know our presence will be felt, hopefully without violence.

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)


  • disqus_lU2EurOd0z

    No surprise that wsu fans would try to take over gameday. Living in Washington wsu fans have ZERO CLASS there team is normally the bottom of the Pac but yet they are the 1st to try and do something so Pathetic. The list of pathetic things from coug fans is sad taking a cheap shot by Punching a Uw player If you do show up to try and take over there with Oregon already there the 2 worst group of fans in the Pac will be on hand. Very sad and gameday will never go to pullman

    • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

      Completely disagree here. This all started with KJR’s Mahler (a HUSKY) suggesting (and offering a reward) that UW fans destroy the WSU flag that has stood since the turn of the century as a symbol for Cougar athletics EVERY COLLEGE GAMEDAY. That’s called inciting a riot and is actually a felony charge… Check your facts on classless actions by whom in this conference.

    • T.j. Asaeli

      Dude u have no idea what you’re talking about. Ok Crimson has been a staple of College Gameday for over 10 yrs. Softy, a radio DJ on KJR who didn’t even go to UW, offered $ to anyone who would tear down our flag. Its about tradition, and that is classless. ESPN has guaranteed our right to rep at Gameday – I’m down for that and totally against trolling. Know what you’re talking about b/f you categorize a whole group, fool.
      GO COUGS

      • AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

        bing, bing, bing… One Up!

  • disqus_lU2EurOd0z

    T J like i said Pathetic fans you would be one. Did i say anything about your sorry flag?? Nope I said you ZERO CLASS fans try to take over gameday it may be hard to read but you should try it read what was said in the article. And to your “Crimson been a staple of gameday for 10 yrs” Waiving the flag IS the ONLY way you can be apart of gameday. Only wsu ” I wave the flag” lol sad. If your fans try and show up to take over the show what ever happens to them is there fault. ”Not promoting anything” ONCE AGAIN NOT OUR FLAG PERSON. Seeing how it is your 10 yr would be funny to not have you on the show. “That’s called inciting a riot and is actually a felony charge” Well don’t let any WSU fans on the campus its called trespassing that would stop any BS happening. And i know what you people will say next we have the right and so on save you breath I don’t care your school is not involved TJ “offered $ to anyone who would tear down our flag. Its about tradition, and that is classless” like I said TJ your school is not in this game on that note your not involved in any gameday. Your comments your talking about your poor flag. Not your Pathetic fan well student punching a player? I’m done here its like talking to wall because you TJ you have no clue what your talking about. Typical wsu fan NO CLUE. And lastly WSU shouldn’t be a part of the PAC 12 should bring and another team from Washington that has a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in football have the best from WASHINGTON IN THE PAC and Eastern has more CHAMPIONSHIPS THEN wsu. Lets here you comments on that no matter what you have to say EASTERN STILL HAS A FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! WSU YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER IN THIS STATE !! Cant wait to see you stupid comments:

    Go Dawgs, Eags, Zags, and Pirates. (Thats Whitworth) for you wsu people