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Travis Long And The NFL: Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills:

Stacked Against the Pick:

The Buffalo Bills are definitely a team that has struggled and is definitely trying to revamp their team to try and contend in the AFC East. This very well can be a situation where Long is the type of player they may want but his injury’s may scare some teams off. His injuries haven’t forced him too many games, but one thing for sure is the way he plays the injury’s are sure taking a toll on his body. Almost every season he had to have surgery due to the effects of his physical style of play. There is no question that he is a very underrated talent and could potentially be a steal in this month’s NFL Draft.

There may be an issue though, will his history of injuries scare some teams off? That can definitely be the case here with the Bills who want to be safe; While the Bills need to improve their entire team this off-season, they need to be very careful on who they pick because they can’t afford to miss on a lot of guys. As the Seattle Seahawks showed us, you can find very good players in the later rounds, but it’s hard to do that if you miss on players a lot like the Bills have been known to do.

The Perfect Storm:

The Bills are a team that need to improve this season drastically. The Perfect Storm in this scenario is having Geno Smith slip and fall to them with the 8th pick and then addressing the outside linebacker need by drafting Travis Long. This would definitely be a very smart move because Long is underrated and has a high motor and can play multiple positions if needed. This would address both needs and would be very beneficial for the Bills franchise.

Likelihood Long Gets Drafted by the Bills:

B (4th Round)

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  • chas territo

    1st off, your grammar sucks!! your post is repetitive. then you make very little sense!! how you got your job is mystifying and a wrong hire at that!! geno smith?roflmao. most over rated, over hyped,etc.,etc.,etc.!!he is nothing more then a project!! he has too many flaws that i’ve listed many times. smith to the BILLS, a terrible joke, because i can’t see what you wrote being anything else!!!!!!!! GO BILLS!!

    • All Coug’d Up

      I hate to over-analyze your response, but it’s certainly not any better grammar-wise than anything you’ve read. No caps to begin your sentences, for “I” or for proper names, too many exclamation marks, no hyphenation, etc, etc, etc. If you’re going to rip a post by somebody, you should at least be able to out-write it yourself.

      And your examination of Geno Smith is dead wrong imo. He may be a developmental guy, but pure “projects” don’t get mentioned in the top 10 picks of the draft, let alone as a possible #1 at their position. Also, there’s a guy named Russell Wilson who has already proved that the “Geno Smith-types” can succeed at a high level in this league. While there’s only one Wilson, Geno would be a TREMENDOUS upgrade at the position in Buffalo and I for one, would like to see the move play out.

      Coincidentally, who would you have the Bills take for a quarterback?

      • Korbin

        Boom! Roasted! And as far as the bills taking a QB, honestly, I wouldn’t. They got Kolb to fill the void for at least a year, and honestly they will probably have a high pick next year to haha, wait for a better QB class, until then work on your other holes. Maybe grab a QB later in the draft. Like Tyler Bray, I think hes a sleeper. But thats just my 2 cents.

        • All Coug’d Up

          Actually Bray would be a good fit in Buffalo! He’s definitely a sleeper that will outplay his pick in a couple of years I bet. And I don’t think Geno will be there at 8 anyway. Good analysis right there.

    • Caleb Davis

      Gosh here’s that troll again! What a joke! Haha pathetic…

      • chas territo

        I expect replies like this. So many children here! yas, i don’t use caps, call it laziness. plus, commenting on a radio site in BUFFALO, if too many caps it gets disallowed! That is my reason,asswipe. yes, wilson proved many wrong. i happen to opine only what i think,not public speak. Shoot me cuz i use my own mind, not following the lambs. RYAN NASSIB with our 1st pick. he fits the BILLS better than anyone else. You have the right to disagree and does it really matter what you or i think? As far as Kolb is concerned , he will be a caretaker, while NASSIB get’s acclimated to the NFL. Bray ould be a good choice, i do like him, just like NASSIB more.I don’t think i need to explain why. caleb,troll, you get some brass ones! Being a name calling, immature child does not give you the right to say that. troll, maybe that’s you! Exclamation points are because whatever i’m saying that matters more to me at the time i write something it’s my way of POINTING attention to it. that’s why it’s called an exclamation POINT, don’t be daft. all of you have the right to disagree, but be relevant and CALEB, be an adult,name calling is as stupid as you may be!! GO BILLS!!