Washington State Football: Lynden OL Matt Meyer Commits to Cougs

This happened a while ago, almost a month now but we’ve been covering the games and with basketball season now in full swing we haven’t looked much into recruiting. Now that football season is over, however, this is the perfect time to jump back on the wagon and look at future Cougs and the future of the program. Enter, Matt Meyer from Lynden, WA.

The 6’6, 290 Offensive Guard is yet another big man recruit for coach Mike Leach and staff. He brings depth to the line, and most importantly, adds even more versatility on an O-line that ran with the minimum amount of bodies in 2012. As we saw Saturday after Saturday, it cost the Cougs’ dearly to not have any depth in that position, so any help here is nice.

Meyer in particular uses decent pad level and hand technique on the line, and being a defensive end looks as if it has helped his feet to be active and not get stuck in the sand. That’s a very good thing because teams stunted WSU a lot this season on the line, and we didn’t handle it well at all. Just a lot of not being able to recover, leading to the most sacks allowed in the country. While Meyer certainly has size, he is very raw still and will really need time to develop better leverage and spacial awareness because I think he reaches a lot, so a redshirt is likely in order.

We’ve mentioned it before, but this class of O-linemen is a LOT bigger than the previous classes. It was probably just a matter of a different style when Paul Wulff was in town, where he wanted guys that could move around and interchange regularly, thus recruiting smaller guys in the process and then getting them as big as possible as time went on. It even worked at times for what Wulff had going on, but I like what Leach is doing here by bringing back the beef. We’ll go more into that later, but for now if you wish to take a look at Meyer, here’s the Hudl highlights of the guy.

Go Cougs!

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