WSU Vs. PITT: Game 3 Preview

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The College Basketball Invitational has come down to one, winner takes all, game.  At 4pm today game 3 of the best of 3 series will determine who gets the CBI title and who will end the season on a more bitter note.

Disappointment, one word so accurately describes both teams seasons.  Pitt is now 21-17 and after 11, that’s right 11 NCAA Tournament bids it received only invitation to the new CBI Tournament this year.  Pitts campaign saw them being the number 4 team in the nation in 2008 and now to not even have a chance at the NIT? I’d say disappointing is an appropriate description of this season.

Now for Washington State.  For a team that hasn’t been a national powerhouse since their 2007-2008 campaign to the sweet sixteen, it’s hard to describe what makes this such a disappointing season.  But ask any Cougar fan and they’ll tell you “If only”.  WSU was in so many games this year where we seemed to have it, then gave it away in a second half scoring drought.  The most accurate example would be against UW.  Now the Huskies couldn’t even work their way to the NIT Championship game but I think it’s safe to say they deserved a chance to play in the NCAA tournament.  I’ve never seen a team from a proven elite conference win the outright title in the regular season, then not get an invite to the big dance.  Either way Washington State should’ve beat the huskies twice this season and dropped both games after not scoring for long periods of time in the second half, both times they played WSU was up by double digits.  But that was just the kind of season the cougs had… Disappointing.

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